bloomfield parks

About Us

We believe in treating people the way we want to be treated – with respect, dignity and hospitality.

Kathe Lance and Susan Parr have literally grown up in the long-term health care business, as the daughters and granddaughters of nursing home owners and operators. They both worked in their family’s care facilities starting at an early age, gaining valuable hands-on experience in the compassionate care of patients and learning what it takes to run a successful business. Carrying on that family tradition, Kathe and Susan now own and operate Bloomfield Parks.

Why “Bloomfield”? Even the name of their business is a reflection of Kathe and Susan’s family heritage. Family patriarch Herbert Lang hailed from Bloomfield Iowa. He married wife Martha Lang from nearby Ottumwa and in 1938 they made their way to Lynwood, where he and Martha began the business of caring for patients – first in the family home and later in skilled nursing facilities.

Kathe and Susan take pride in their family story and now work with a team of caring professionals to provide round the clock care at our nursing center, and four group homes, all located in the City of Lynwood.

Bloomfield West provides specialized nursing care, educational services and a home to our developmentally disabled community members. Some of our clients have lived here since it was opened as Marlinda West in 1971.

We also provide care for developmentally disabled residents in four group homes located in nearby neighborhoods. Imperial Park, Beechwood Park, Woodlawn Park and Elm Park are homes to six clients each.


Department of Developmental Services Web Page:, Telephone Number (916) 654-1987.